Tropak - is:
  • Minimum delivery time
  • Economy of money resources
  • Individual approach
  • Wide range of services
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • 16 years on the market

Transport company Tropak

Road transport of goods - is an integral part of the manufacturing process of any company, so each working company needs to be sure of its carrier. This confidence appears only when a company has a name in the market which has earned by building goodwill with customers and knows his business perfectly.

Our job is to provide services to road transport began in 1998. Since then, our company has become a leader in the transportation of goods in Ukraine and abroad! Our experience helps us to further develop and improve the conditions for our customers, as well as in the implementation of traffic as soon as possible time!

Why choose the shipping company «Tropak» among others?

Favorable flexible prices in the market of cargo transportation.

To carry through our company, you can either load - oversized industrial cargo or a small batch of cargoes. The cargo will be transported in time, with all the necessary requirements.

Individual approach to our clients.

Our company is the practice of considering each case separately, on request of the customer client. For regular customers, there is a system of discounts.

Experienced drivers and freight forwarders.

Many years of experience «Tropak», says that the goods will always be delivered promptly to the addressee. Experts of the company always take into account features of the international law and the requirements for the carriage of your shipment, they will develop for its timely delivery of the best route. If there is any difficulty at any stage of cargo, managers of our company to quickly resolve any issues. This allows the customer to be sure of the safety of the product and delivery time.


A wide range of vehicles in our company will surprise any customer: we have the opportunity to use tilt and isometric vehicles, isotherms and refrigerators, rolling stock and light commercial vehicles.

Save and the safety of your cargo.

During the whole process of trucking our employees produce direct control over the movement of cargo en route, provided that the safety, efficiency and timeliness of shipments. Customer can always get any information about the whereabouts of their cargo, the dates on which the proposed load dispatch and arrival time to the specified destination

Today, our company - is one of the largest cargo carriers in Ukraine, whose services are already used by huge number of customers. Therefore, join the leader!

Company «Tropak» - it is the professionalism, efficiency and reliability!