Trucking in Ukraine

If your business is not limited to sales in the city or the surrounding area, or you want to expand it, you will probably need the services of transportation of goods in a reliable and experienced transport company - company «Tropak».

The company «Tropak» - is a versatile partner who is able to carry loads in Ukraine, as well as Europe and Asia.

Advantages of the transport company «Tropak»

  • low prices (compared to other modes of transport);
  • organized system of co-ordination and management of transport;
  • own staff of drivers with experience;
  • cargo insurance;
  • high speed of delivery;
  • development of individual optimal routes for each order;
  • help in the formalization of transport documents, customs documents;

In cooperation with our company on the basis of a contract, you are completely free yourself from the issues and experiences related to logistics.

Trucking in Ukraine from the company «Tropak» offer:

  • to transport all types of cargo: bulk, liquid, solid, and other oversized;
  • accurate delivery of goods to the recipient within a certain time;
  • staff that at any time be able to answer your questions about the condition of the goods;
  • favorable conditions for regular customers.

«Tropak» one of the few companies in Ukraine, which is able to offer such attractive terms.

Order reliable trucking in Ukraine and other parts of Europe and Russia with «Tropak»

You can contact us if you want to not only deliver the goods from one end to the other in Ukraine. We are engaged in cargo transportation by road in Europe, as well as in Russia.

Just call us and talk to our experts degree of motion, the number of vehicles, type of cargo and, of course, terms and pricing. We are sure that all the conditions of road transport of goods, which we will voice you will definitely fit!