International transportation

International road transport of goods is an industry where the company «Tropak» constantly improving its facilities and services, enabling our customers to get tips, quality solutions and deliver the goods. We work only with good and reliable partners that have already been tested by time. Our experts have extensive experience in the export-import operations of transportation. A number of years of experience and satisfied customers of our company show that the cargo is always delivered on time and safely to the destination.

International road transportation to «Tropak» - is not just cargo transportation between Asia and Europe, but also a way to facilitate business in your business. We can find a way for you to save money or to minimize the transmission of the right products.

The high professionalism of the team «Tropak» allows our partners to optimize the delivery and transportation costs. As your reliable transporter we strive to find the ideal solution for every client and every occasion. This allows us to achieve and maintain a leading position in the market of road transport.

International transport services with «Tropak» - convenience, speed and reliability!

International transport - this is one of our main services. «Tropak» regularly organizes transportation to Europe, Asia and Russia, and we assure you, you can sleep in peace, and do not worry about the safety and security of your cargo. We take full responsibility and control over the delivery process. We will deliver your goods to any destination in Ukraine or Western Europe quickly and at an affordable price. If you are interested in more information on international transportation rates, please go directly to our experts and we will offer you the best solution for the delivery of your goods.

We are working with leading foreign forwarding companies and large domestic manufacturers. We control our international transport, allowing always possess the necessary information for an instant response to any situation. Full coherence in our actions to ensure timely delivery of goods.