Customs services

Transport company «Tropak» provides a full range of customs brokerage services, which reduce the problems and risks associated with the import and export of goods and accelerate their transport across the border.

With years of experience and highly qualified staff, our company will provide international freight and customs clearance of the goods with personalized service for each client.

If you need to import or export goods to Europe, Russia and Ukraine, our experienced customs brokers will provide you with not just any solution, but the right decision. Our employees are armed with the knowledge of international legal norms, laws of Ukraine and have a great experience, which allows us to quickly and correctly prepare all necessary documents, as well as quickly and as cheaply as any goods through customs.

Our staff is fully competent in all matters proper clearance of goods and do their job with minimal losses and risks. So you can be absolutely calm by our company.

Why choose the transport company «Tropak» among others?

Customs clearance is the final stage, after the cargo has come a long way from one country to another. When choosing a company «Tropak», your cargo will be safe from the point of origin to the drop off point will be cleared at the lowest rates. We strive to ensure that our customers can safely go about their business, knowing that their goods are safe and reliable.

We will be glad to see you among our many satisfied customers!