Services of transport company Tropak

Car transportation of cargo by company «Tropak» - is:

  • Your confidence in the timely delivery of goods.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Timely processing of incoming requests.
  • Search and the provision of transport to the settings in the specified time frame.
  • A clear compliance with all terms, conditions and arrangements for transportation of cargo.
  • Monitoring and informing the client about the promoting the goods at each stage.

Automobile cargo transportation from the company «Tropak» - is:

  • Trucking in Ukraine;
  • International transportation;
  • Broker services;
  • Express delivery;
  • Modern avtopark and machinery for loading and unloading;
  • Efficient logistics, cargo tracking and optimal choice of the route;
  • A clear compliance with the terms of the signed contract for road freight;
  • Experienced drivers and freight forwarders;
  • Responsibility and reliability;

Our experience and knowledge of all the nuances of the organization of transportation of various types of goods by the various modes of transport will allow you to save time and labor, and to concentrate on its core business.

Every day, we deliver goods to our customers in Ukraine and Europe.

We provide continuous mobile communication with drivers.

We provide services of transportation of goods by individual vehicles of various capacities:

  • Delivery of cargo transport 20 tons.
  • Extra delivery cargo of transport 20 tons.
  • Delivery of cargo transport 1.2 tons.
  • Extra delivery of cargo transport 1.2 tons.
  • Delivery of empty transport for loading.

We understand that freight trucking - a service, the main indicators of the quality of which are:

  • timeliness,
  • delivery term,
  • cargo safety.

Transport, which uses the company «Tropak» can be equipped with the necessary accessories to maintain the special conditions of carriage of goods. We guarantee shipping and delivery to the destination on time and at a reasonable price.

Referring to us, you trust yourself to the professionals.